about us

EST 2012 Bratislava Slovakia

The idea to establish our very own tattoo studio first arose in 2012 with Kubec and Ito. Fortunately, it didn’t stay only an idea and 10 years ago we opened our studio Wolf Town in Bratislava. As the time went, we were able to expand our crew to 10 tattoo artists, tattooed miles of skin and collected various awards from tattooing shows from home and abroad, but mainly we were able to create an environment that fosters the art of tattooing. Since the beginning, our goal has been to build a community and raise awareness about tattooing in Slovakia. Our emphasize is on originality and uniqueness which is reflected on our work that we tailor-make for the specific client. Each of our artists mastered their own unique style – whether you like realism, mandala, dotwork, traditional motives or you prefer Japanese style or rather abstractive art – we, at Wolf Town, can put your ideas onto your skin but in style!